Georgia and Rohan

This wedding came in 2 parts. The first was an awesome party held at Sails on the bay. Everyone wore bright colours and the did some crazy cool dancing! Part two was at Abbotsford Convent where Rohan and Georgia actually tied the knot. Such a cool multicultural ceremony with flowers, incense and two beautiful people joining their worlds before friends and family.



Sarah and Ryan

I met Sarah a few months ago and bonded immediately over crafted beer. I love beer, but I soon realised that Sarah was on a whole new level, she luuurves beer!  My of my favourite pics of this season is Ryan shedding a tear of Joy with his parents before he walks into the ceremony space to become a husband.  I could feel that this day was deeply meaningful for them both and it was just great to be there! Both the ceremony and Reception were held at Morningstar Estate on the Peninsula on the the windiest day ever:) !

Emily and Richie

I think that this is one of the most honest stories I have told :)  The day just unraveled and I just got to be there and freeze it in time as it happened. From the Ceremony to the very short shoot and on into the reception I couldn't help but appreciate the very genuine and honest feel all around me. Deep and beautiful relationships. Thanks for having me for the day!