Ange + Cam

The Sacred is everywhere but sometimes you just  stand in awe at the beautiful thing unfolding in front of you and know that you are seeing it, for real. Ange and Cam curated the most meaningful ceremony, weaving together rituals and symbols from their spiritual traditions and their journey together. It was raw and honest and deeply moving. Thank you for the privilege of being a part of this day! Xx Tigs

Miranda and Anthony

Gosh, this was just a blast to shoot! Apart from being a feast for the eye, Miranda and Anthony are just truly lovely people.  They tied the know at The Riverstone Estate in The Yarra Valley.  It was a day that started out in true Melbourne style with torrential down pours and ended with the most spectacular sun set. I have to say that the  views at Riverstone are something special and the sky pulled out it's best for us I think! Lucky us :)  Enjoy!