Ange + Cam

The Sacred is everywhere but sometimes you just  stand in awe at the beautiful thing unfolding in front of you and know that you are seeing it, for real. Ange and Cam curated the most meaningful ceremony, weaving together rituals and symbols from their spiritual traditions and their journey together. It was raw and honest and deeply moving. Thank you for the privilege of being a part of this day! Xx Tigs

Ari and Laura

I have totally lost my way with my blog. I have not posted in so long and there is just no way I have the time to  go back and load up all the amazing stories and beautiful people I have documented. My goal this year is to live a little slower and hence... a blog post of a beautiful couple that made me smile! I just loved editing this wedding and soaked up the playful energy these two share in every photo. Thanks Ari and Laura for letting me look into your world and tell the tale of this beautiful day. Happy remembering! 

Shelley + Luke

Chatuea Yerring is such a grand and majestic space. The old oak tree out front feels like the perfect place to carry out the age old tradition of marriage ceremonies. That tree must have seen a lot in it's time :) Each wedding is special but I have to say that Luke takes the cake for best response on sight of of his bride. He just bawled!! It was beautiful!  The whole day was pretty cool really.... check it out :)

Georgia and Rohan

This wedding came in 2 parts. The first was an awesome party held at Sails on the bay. Everyone wore bright colours and the did some crazy cool dancing! Part two was at Abbotsford Convent where Rohan and Georgia actually tied the knot. Such a cool multicultural ceremony with flowers, incense and two beautiful people joining their worlds before friends and family.



Sarah and Ryan

I met Sarah a few months ago and bonded immediately over crafted beer. I love beer, but I soon realised that Sarah was on a whole new level, she luuurves beer!  My of my favourite pics of this season is Ryan shedding a tear of Joy with his parents before he walks into the ceremony space to become a husband.  I could feel that this day was deeply meaningful for them both and it was just great to be there! Both the ceremony and Reception were held at Morningstar Estate on the Peninsula on the the windiest day ever:) !

Penny + Damo

These guys got married in city in the Flagstaff Gardens.  It was a beautiful day and the gardens were buzzing with activity as Penny and Damo said their I do's :) It was super eventful with some keys getting locked in the car and a real adventure landing at the post office Hotel with a dance that kicked some serious ass!  Such beautiful and easy going people. It was truly cool to hang out for the day and capture all that unfolded.

Emily and Richie

I think that this is one of the most honest stories I have told :)  The day just unraveled and I just got to be there and freeze it in time as it happened. From the Ceremony to the very short shoot and on into the reception I couldn't help but appreciate the very genuine and honest feel all around me. Deep and beautiful relationships. Thanks for having me for the day!

Laura + Chris

Laura and Chris got married at Farm Vigano.  It's always lovely to discover new gems in the beautiful city of ours. Chris and Laura had a perfect day and we had heaps of fun outdoors exploring the amazing grounds. I do have to say that the cactus bush was a little bit cool. I love Cacti :)  This wedding was shot with The Wedding Fair, an amazing group of talented vendors curating weddings in Melbourne. If you're getting married, be sure to check it out! Thanks to Chris and Laura for letting me tell your beautiful story. Happy remembering!

Andy and Melissa

It was very clear that Andy and Melissa are the best of friends and have a deep and beautiful connection. Their son Theodore is honestly the most charming and chilled child. The best advert out there for having kids :)  ( Check out the pic of him on the dance floor). They tied the knotand partied into the night beside the beautiful pool.  It was Grand with a touch of Great Gatsby!


mat + nao

Oh how lovely this day was! Mat is our Director of Videography at The Wedding Fair so the past few years have been a lovely journey together. It was a privilege to have seen this wedding from the inside. Watching the lead up to, and finally this beautiful day, where dreams were fulfilled and promises were made.  CONGRATULATIONS Mat and Nao!  I so look forward to seeing your marriage unfold and blossom.  xx Tigs

Miranda and Anthony

Gosh, this was just a blast to shoot! Apart from being a feast for the eye, Miranda and Anthony are just truly lovely people.  They tied the know at The Riverstone Estate in The Yarra Valley.  It was a day that started out in true Melbourne style with torrential down pours and ended with the most spectacular sun set. I have to say that the  views at Riverstone are something special and the sky pulled out it's best for us I think! Lucky us :)  Enjoy! 

Alan + Emma

I just LOVE teepee's!  Alan and Emma did such a fab job of creating a great space for their guests to have fun and relax. There was so much detail ! Hanging planters, hand painted signs, crafted beer named after Alan's parents farm; copper candle holders made from plumbing pipe (Alan is a plumber) and bunting made for the wedding by Emma's grade 1 students. I spent ages reading the wisdom from these kids, it's amazing.... Love is 'when lips collide' ; or 'not getting angry' ; Or 'happiness in the other persons eyes.' Cool huh?  Such a great day!