I guess when you're looking for a photographer to climb into your personal space and document that, you want to know a little about them first. 

I am originally from Cape Town, South Africa, born into a legacy spanning four generations of photographers under the name Mc Nally. I am a wife and the mother of two beautiful girls who I adore. I enjoy beautiful things that are well made and have an air of individuality about them. Other things that make me happy are: people, beautiful light, music, books, travel, markets and champagne.

I come from a background of fashion and design and carry this influence strongly into my photography. I love detail and I feel that the little things count when creating a visual story that captures a special moment or day. I collaborate on weddings with a talented young cinematographer, Mateusz Sliwinski, who does all the film work.

I work from my home in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne and frequent some great coffee shops in the area. So, if your keen to meet up, lets have coffee and talk photography.